A family

The history of Salda is the history of a family, the Besana family, that has made of a passion its “raison d’etre”, of an experience a tradition, of a work a real asset to protect, share and enrich with imagination and elegance in all the days to come.

Salda was born in the early decades of XIX century, when the members of the Besana family, decorators of the Royal House of Austria, started to devote themselves to handicraft, creating pieces of furniture and accessories for the Nobility.

In few years, Salda became one of the first furniture firms in Italian history and one of the biggest artisanal production factories.

With the outbreak of first world war, all the companies were forced to stop their production. Salda, then, began dedicating itself to the production of propellers and wings for warplanes.

With the end of war, Salda returned to produce elegant pieces of furniture. An activity made of passion and craftmanship started again, handed down from generation to generation till Marco and Elisa Besana, who run the Company today under the guidance of their father, Umberto.

made in Italy

Salda furnishings arise only from the finest woods, carved, padded and decorated by the hands of the best Italian cabinetmakers, upholsterers and inlayers.

In every product line you can find the special touch of the furnishing masters of Brianza and of the best Italian designers and decorators.

Artisanal manufacturing, made strictly in Italy, ensures a high level of customization, which is a grace for the lovers of beauty.

For five generations, meticulous craftsmanship and inventiveness have combined at Salda to enhance the power of handiwork and bring forth unique, unrepeatable articles.

All our furniture begins with original designs that have been kept by the firm from generation to generation and are reinterpreted with the passing years.

Salda’s hot-branded trademark guarantees that every piece of furniture is genuine and original. Also, a unique number is stamped on the article itself, the number of the certificate that testifies to the quality controls carried out and the uniqueness of each individual creation.

Those who love beauty have, of course, a thing about personalization: hand crafting ensures it to a high degree.

Salda personalizations start with the finish – selected on each occasion according to the requirements and tastes of the designer or customer – and move on to the smallest details of style, such as initials hand-engraved onto individual pieces or painted inside the furniture as a distinctive touch of elegance.

Personalization with monograms is an exclusive service offered by Salda that makes the most of any article by adding its own detail, as unique as the person for whom it was made. It’s a feature with a long and noble history, and even today it unmistakeably marks any item as luxurious and unique.