Salda is a company story, a family story: the Besana family who made passion their raison d’etre, their quality a value, their manufacturing expertise turned into a precious heritage to be preserved, shared and enriched over time with inventiveness and elegance.

Salda’s story begins in the early nineteenth century when Arcangelo Besana and his wife, who had long been decorators for Austria’s royal family, opened an artisanal workshop dedicated to the production of furnishings and accessories for the great residences of the French nobility.

In just a few years Salda grew to become one of the major furniture companies in Italy: its factory was one of the largest of the time.

With the outbreak of the First World War, all production activities were interrupted, however, Salda had the spirit and the strength to adapt and reinvent, starting a production of propellers and wings for warplanes.

After the war, production of furniture resumed with the same passion and craftsmanship, values ​​handed down from generation to generation, today Marco and Elisa Besana manage Salda under the precious guidance of their father Umberto.

Made in Italy

Salda’s furnishing collection is created solely using the finest woods which are carved, upholstered and decorated by the hands of the best Italian cabinetmakers, upholsterers and inlayers. In each line we find the skilful and unmistakable touch of the master furniture makers of Brianza and of the best Italian designers and decorators, from both yesterday and today.

Salda is a tailoring atelier: all the proposals are entirely handmade, ensuring a high level of customisation to anticipate and satisfy the varied tastes and needs of a cosmopolitan clientele, with a fine eye for beauty.


Salda represents five generations of creativity, care and know-how that come together to enhance the gesture of the artisan’s hand and give life to unique and one-of-a kind pieces.

Each Salda creation is an exclusive piece that comes from the original designs of the Besana family, cherished and handed down from generation to generation, reinterpreted with great skill over time.

The authenticity and originality of each furnishing is guaranteed by unique details: the SALDA branded logo together with the unique code etched on the piece of furniture and quoted in the quality certificate to guarantee the rigorous checks carried out and the exclusivity of each individual creation.


Salda’s customisation starts with the finishes, chosen each time according to the needs and tastes of designers and customers.

The smallest details are cherished, such as the initials inlaid by hand on the individual pieces or painted inside the furnishing as a distinctive sign of elegance.

An exclusive service offered by Salda is the personalisation with monograms allowing customers to enhance each creation in a unique way representing the unicity of the person for whom each piece was made. A detail of noble tradition that confirms to this day the luxury and exclusivity of Salda creations.